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Here are my newest creations! I hope they are your eye candy!

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These were so much fun to make. Please let me know, if you’re interested in any of the pieces!

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For my party on February tenth, I featured hearts designs. Check out some of the designs below. If you see something you like, I could design something similar for you.

Trees are one of the most beautiful creations that are often overlooked, so when I saw these little delicate trees, I just had to learn how to make them. I have become inspired by the stones and natural colors that give these trees their appeal. I have used carnelian, lapis, malachite, amethyst, pink quartz, laborite, jade, glass, and more to bring life to these little trees.

For those who find these trees just as intriguing as I do; you will just have to get your hands on them. I would love to custom make a tree for you with your color and stone of choice . Also Swaroski crystals or graduated pearls would also go great on these little trees.

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214- Pheasant Feather Necklace with Turquoise and Brown Iridescent Accents – $50

This beauty just placed first in a recycled jewelry contest! The contest took place at Lotus Beads in Castleton-on-the-Hudson, NY ( This is my favorite store! Sharon-Business Owner has devoted her business to the beads-needs and crafting of others; you can’t resist the charm of this quant shop and the cute pug, Otis!

If you’re going to take a visit to the shop let her know I sent you-I like the added ten percent references! However, the prices at the shop are by no means out the budget frame; she goes on treasures hunts across the internet and through various venders to find top bargains, which helps small businesses like mine to keep the prices low! I guarantee you will save at least double of what you would pay at any other big box craft store!

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